Kogei Styling prides itself on offering the highest quality products and fulfilling your orders accurately. All of our products are inspected prior to shipment so as to guarantee that they meet our quality standards.
All orders are shipped from Kogei Styling in Tokyo, Japan. We operate Monday through Friday and are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese National holidays. Orders submitted on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday (based on Japan Standard Time) will be processed on the following Monday (if Monday is a National Holiday then on the following business day), however some exceptions may apply.

Shipping service provider

Based on the service quality and the reliability of the shipping company with respect to a particular order, we may use Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., DHL (DHL International GmbH.), or UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) for international shipments (local transportation may be handled by different local companies from time to time). All International shipments from Japan are by air.


We take extra care in packaging your order. If it is an international order, we ship your order in a durable shipping package box that meets generally accepted standards for international shipments.

Each of our products comes in its own individual box. Then, all the products are carefully packaged in a durable shipping box with sufficient internal cushioning to protect the products during shipment.

Locations to which we ship

We ship our products within Japan.
Currently the locations to which we ship our products internationally regularly are limited to:
Hong Kong (main area and unrestricted area only );
Singapore (some undeliverable areas, please ask for further information); and
Taiwan (main island only).

Please note that we do not ship to PO Boxes or APO boxes.

When you place an order with us we will confirm whether we can ship to the address you have designated or not, if not, we will notify you.

If you live in the country that is not listed above and yet still wish to purchase our products, please contact We would be happy to work with you to find a secure and feasible solution.

Delivery time

We only provide one shipping option because we believe it to be the fastest, the most secure and the most reliable shipping service available at a reasonable cost.

The following is an approximate guide to the time it takes from when you submit your order to when you receive your order.

3-5 days
Hong Kong
4-7 days
4-7 days
4-7 days

Please be advised that delivery times are to be used as a general guide only. Kogei Styling cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by any local customs clearance processes or by circumstance beyond our control.

Shipping and handling fees, and insurance

For shipping within Japan, we collect consumption tax and charge shipping and handling fees. Domestic shipping and handling fees may be adjusted according to the size and the destination of your shipment.

For international shipping, we charge fees for international shipping and handling, these charges are exclusive of any customs duties and taxes levied by the country you are shipping to. International shipping and handling fees for limited destinations of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, are normally fixed to 3,900 Yen per order, regardless of the order size of your shipment.

For international shipping, shipping insurance of a maximum of 200,000 JPY per package during shipment is included in the shipping and handling fees. We will endeavor to split orders with multiple products with a combined value exceeding 200,000 JPY into separate packages with separate invoices so that the full value of the products is insured. Once a shipment reaches its destination it will no longer be insured by the shipping insurance.

For domestic shipping, the terms are identical to the terms for international shipping except that the maximum insured value is 300,000 JPY.

Your obligation to pay customs duties, taxes and/or fees

If you are resident outside Japan, we do not charge you any customs duties and taxes. However, as the recipient, you are liable for all customs duties, taxes, and/or fees that may be levied upon the shipment and such charges may need to be paid to the appropriate authority prior to taking delivery of the shipment.

Please be assured that duties, taxes, and fees relating to importation are entirely exclusive of the amount that is charged to you by Kogei Styling; and please be particularly aware of this if you intend to purchase a product as a gift to be delivered directly to the recipient.

If you are resident in Japan, we will collect consumption tax on any products you purchase at the prevailing rate.

Possibilities for additional fees and delays due to customs clearance

Depending on the customs clearance procedures required by the customs authorities in the destination country, packages may be opened and physically examined by customs officers. We do our very best to clearly document the contents of our shipment as required by customs authorities, however whether a package will be examined or not is beyond our control. If an examination occurs, there may be a delay in the arrival of the package and/or extra charges levied upon you by the customs authority. Any such charges levied in relation to customs clearance must be borne by you. We appreciate your understanding with respect to such situations.

Your responsibility to receive the package

We require a signature for all products delivered, at which point responsibility for and possession of the products passes to the signee. If you have specified a recipient who is not you for delivery purposes (for example in the case of the product being a gift) then you accept that the provision of a signature at your designated delivery address is evidence of delivery and fulfilment of the order by Kogei Styling and you acknowledge and agree to the transfer of responsibility to the signee.

Therefore, upon delivery of your package, we ask that you inspect the contents of the box carefully BEFORE signing for the delivery. If for any reason the box looks like it has been tampered with or seriously damaged, either sign for the package with reservations or refuse the package. Or if the package has been opened, and you find that there is something wrong with the condition of its contents due to the shipping process, please immediately open a claim with the shipping company who delivered the package to you (their local contact address should be on the delivery slip), and send an e-mail to us making sure to attach evidence of the problem. However, if any of the conditions complained of are due to customs inspection, then such cannot be the subject of a successful claim.

If the package is not successfully delivered to you due to any misinformation on your part (for example, incorrect telephone number, incorrect address, or non-compliance with import regulations) as per this Agreement, you risk the package being returned to Kogei Styling in Tokyo at your expense including any import fees, duties and taxes that may be levied upon reentry into Japan.

If you decide to refuse any shipments from Kogei Styling for any reasons not clearly attributable to Kogei Styling, you will be held responsible for the original shipping charges, duties, taxes and/or customs charges that are or have been incurred by the package (on both the original and return shipments), and the fees for returning the package to Kogei Styling. These costs will be deducted from any eventual refund.