About Wajima KIRIMOTO


From the late Edo period (1603-1868) for seven generations, the Kirimoto Family has been involved in the woodwork, lacquerware manufacturing, and sales of Wajima lacquerware for over 200 years. 



Taichi Kirimoto, born in 1962, the current owner of the Wajima Kirimoto, has successfully inherited his family business and lead the company to be one of the most famous lacquer work manufacturers in Japan.  Taichi majored in product design at Tsukuba University, started his professional career in 1985 in one of the largest office products manufacturing company Kokuyo Co., Ltd. in Japan. However, in 1987 he left the company and returned to Wajima to succeed in his family business, at that time run by his father.





Entering his family business, Taichi started as an apprentice craftsman, which lasted for four and a half years. Then he helped run his father's business by producing wood modeling proposals, design proposals, and overall direction of lacquer productions by combining his expertise. Taichi now runs the whole business with his own shop in the most prestigious department store in Japan; Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in Tokyo along with two other shops in Wajima and Kanazawa, Ishikawa Pref.

He also expanded the lacquer furniture business to the next level with contemporary Japanese design with various urushi lacquer techniques. One such example is the large red and chocolate-colored counters of CHOCOLAT boutique Tokyo in Hilton Tokyo (2008), which is absolutely gorgeous with sensual lacquer textures.

One of his signature furniture work is in the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant "Hinokizaka"(2014).  His lacquer work creations are shining in the true contemporary interior design with the genuine Japanese traditional design.

With his open personality, strong enthusiasm for the urushi lacquer, and highly active character, he has been lecturing in schools, universities, and many business forums all over Japan and has been a current biggest advocate for the Wajima lacquerware industry.

Kogei Styling supports Taichi's enthusiasm and efforts towards the preservation and the creation of Wajima lacquerware and proudly presents his works, especially to our overseas customers.