How we ship You with Care

In the case of International Orders

How your Orders are Procesed

 Kogei Styling  packaging & shipping

Account creation

Your input of your basic information for purchase is needed.


Please enjoy your shopping and the selection of your choice.

Product & Payment condition confirmation

Please confirm in details that the product is what you are looking for and satisfactory to you. If you have any concerns please e-mail us.

Order submission

Order Acknowledgement E-mail will be sent to you automatically soon after your order is submitted.

Order Acceptance

Order Acceptance E-mail will be sent soon after your content of your order is confirmed and accepted by us. Please allow us to send you the Order Acceptance E-mail on our business hours in Japan time. We are closed on weekends and on National holidays. We appreciate your kind understandings.

Package Preparation and Dispatch

We will inspect the product and carefully package your order for shipping.

The Tracking Number

International Order Tracking Number will be sent to you via e-mail soon after the package is dispatched. 

Japanese Customs Clearance

Japanese Customs clearance for export is swift and there are no problems. 

International Shipping

All the international orders use fast air freight service by

Japan Post, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., DHL, or UPS

Destination Country Customs Clearance

In some rare cases, the package may be opened for inspection by the customs.
Please understand that we do not have any control over customs activities at the destination country.

Local Delivery

Please keep in mind that who is your local delivery company.
They will collect duties and taxes levied by the local government.

Duties and Taxes Payment & Package receipt

Please be advised that you would thoroughly check the condition of your package before you sign for delivery. Please do not sign when you see an apparent damage of the package. For further details please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Countries (or Regions) we ship Regularly

We ship our products within Japan.
Currently the locations to which we ship our products internationally regularly are limited to following countries or regions.

  • Japan
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China)
  • Republic of Singapore
  • Taiwan (Republic of China) 
  • New Zealand
  • United States of America.    
  • Other Countries could individually be served. Please ask us via e-mail in the case of shipping to the countries besides listed above. 
  • We have shipped products to the Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, and some other countries 
  *There are several products that could not be shipped to United States of America, EU Countries, New Zealand and other countries, due to regulations. Please ask for details.

    How your Orders are Packaged and Shipped

    Kogei Styling prides itself on offering the highest quality products and fulfilling your orders accurately.
    All of our products are inspected prior to shipment so as to guarantee that they meet our quality standards.


    We take extra care in packaging your order. If it is an international order, we ship your order in a durable shipping package box that meets generally accepted standards for international shipments.

    Each of our products comes in its own individual box. Then, all the products are carefully packaged in a durable shipping box with sufficient internal cushioning to protect the products during shipment.


    All orders are shipped from Kogei Styling in Tokyo, Japan. We operate Monday through Friday and are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese National holidays. Orders submitted on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday (based on Japan Standard Time) will be processed on the following Monday (if Monday is a National Holiday then on the following business day), however some exceptions may apply.

    Shipping service providers

    Based on the service quality and the reliability of the shipping company with respect to a particular order, we may use Japan Post EMS (Japan Post Co.,Ltd.), Yamato International TA-Q-Bin (Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.),DHL (DHL International GmbH.), or UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) for international shipments (local transportation may be handled by different local companies from time to time). All International shipments from Japan are by air.

    Shipping and handling fees, and insurance

    For shipping within Japan, we collect consumption tax and charge shipping and handling fees. Domestic shipping and handling fees may be adjusted according to the size and the destination of your shipment.

    For international shipping, we charge fees for international air freight, with packaging fees of the items durable enough for safe delivery and insurance, as a handling fee. 

    These charges are exclusive of any customs duties and taxes levied by the country you are shipping to.

    Standard International shipping and handling fees for limited destinations of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan are fixed to 3,900 Yen per order, regardless of your order size, unless we have a campaign. 

    For international shipping, shipping insurance of a maximum of 200,000 JPY per package during shipment is included in the shipping and handling fees. We will endeavor to split orders with multiple products with a combined value exceeding 200,000 JPY into separate packages with separate invoices so that the full value of the products is insured. Once a shipment reaches its destination it will no longer be insured by the shipping insurance.

    For domestic shipping, the terms are identical to the terms for international shipping except that the maximum insured value is 300,000 JPY.