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Hyakki Yagyo - Night Parade of 100 Demons - Special Maki-e Box


Brand new Special Maki-e small Box by Tomonori Yamasaki.

This is one time only one of a kind item. 

Tomonori Yamasaki created this Special Maki-e Box to express the world of Hyakki yagyo by adding more atmospheric expressions in a more spacious area than he had shown in guinomi's (sake cups) before.

Tomonori explains that in the original "Hyakki Yagyo Emaki (picture scroll)", a big fireball-like thing is written in the final end, therefore it is as if the Yokai (demons) are running away from it. So in this box, the big fireball was drawn.  


There are 7 Hyakki Yagyo Onis

 - Ao-Oni (Blue demon)

 - Aka-Oni (Red demon)

 - Torikabuto (Bird helmet)

 - Biwa (Four‐stringed Japanese lute)

 - Nabe (Pot)

 - Utsubo (Pitcher)

 - Shou (Japanese wind instrument)  

   and a small turtle captured by and following Biwa.


It comes in a paulownia wood  box signed "Hyakki Yagyo" by the artist.

Explanation of 7 Demons

On Top;

"Ao-oni" Blue demon: A blue demon wearing a crown, which is said to have been worn by a person who guarded a nobleman, and pretending to be a policeman.

”Tori Kabuto” Bird helmet: A bird helmet in the shape of a bird believed to be in paradise. It is a helmet worn by musicians and dancers in Bugaku (court dances with music).

 "Biwa" Four‐stringed Japanese lute: In the picture scrolls, the yokai is seen having difficulty pulling the koto monster, but this time I brought the turtle along.

On sides; 
"Aka-oni" Red demon: Wielding a sacred object called Ohnusa, used to purge debris and misfortune. Together with the blue demon, he seems to be guarding the peace of the night.

"Nabe" Pot: A set of kitchen utensils, including a ladle and a pestle, hanging from a balance rod. It is covered with flames and is hot. 

"Utsubo" Pitcher: An armor worn at the waist to hold arrows. He wears a feather ornament, a bow and arrow, and armor, but he seems to be running away from something.


"Shō" Japanese wind instrument: A wind instrument used in Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music), made of long and short thin bamboo strips. The figure carrying a tin staff and sprouting wings looks like an ascetic.


Box Size

    Outer size: 120 x 120 x 60 (mm)

    Inner size: 111 x 111 x 40 (mm)

Content Volume      400 (cm3) (cc) 

  Maki-e Box  182 (g)

 Total with Paulownia box   430 (g)

Core Wood   Hiba / False arborvitae


It is compact with a special atmosphere.


The lacquer work is done with authentic durable Wajima Lacquerware work.

(Three layers of fine Wajima Jinoko (Diatomaceous earth) finish with cloth coverings.)


The last five pictures shows how this box was created by Tomonori Yamasaki in his workshop in Wajima-city.   


>> Tomonori Yamasaki’s boigraphy is shown in this link here (same as before).


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< Guide >

Our fine Japanese lacquerwares are basically made of genuine natural wood and natural urushi lacquer. The Worst things to the fine lacquerwares are Drying and giving Heat Shocks.

As an urushi lacquer's natural characteristics, it hardens most under humidity of 70-80% (RH) and a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius (68-77°F). Therefore, humidity is good for urushi lacquer, by nature, and for the base wood as well.

Just keeping the fine Japanese lacquerware in a dry cupboard all through a year is not what you want to do. Periodic Use is the Best Care for your fine Japanese lacquerware since the Moisture it gives to both the lacquer and the wood maintains and extends the quality and the life of both.

Japanese natural urushi lacquerware will literary shine more after your use, due to the moisture given, and the repeated use and wiping with a soft cloth. This is proof of the natural urushi lacquer product and authenticity. It does not happen with a chemical product. 

Please be a little careful not to scratch fine lacquerwares with rough ceramics or metals, urushi lacquer coatings are tough but not hard as them. When putting them away, please try to keep your fine Japanese lacquerware from the direct sunlight. Urushi lacquer is vulnerable to UV rays. 


< Care Instructions for Genuine Lacquerware >

  • Please Do NOT use the lacquerware in a microwave oven.
Copyright by Kogei Styling
  • Please Do NOT use the lacquerware in a dishwasher and dryer.

Copyright by Kogei Styling
  • Please Do NOT leave the lacquerware in a refrigerator for a long time. A couple of hours is OK.

Copyright by Kogei Styling
  • Please Do NOT expose the lacquerware in the direct sunlight for a long time.

    • An example indicator for the acceptable duration is that your exposed skin can accept.
      The reason is that the UV rays will degrade the urushi lacquer coating from its structure.

  • Please wash by hand using lukewarm water with a soft sponge using liquid mild detergents. 

  • Please avoid using a scrub sponge or hard sponge that might scratch the surface.

Photo Copyright by Wajimaya Zen-ni
  • Please wipe with a dry soft cloth after rinse.

Photo Copyright by Wajimaya Zen-ni
  • Please do not stack lacquerwares on/under coarse or rough ceramics, it will damage the surface.

Photo Copyright by Wajimaya Zen-ni
  • Please avoid using metal silverware directly on them.

  • In case if there is a crack or a chip, please contact us for a repair. Water or any liquid will permeate through those cracks and in the long run it will damage the coatings and the lacquerware.

If you handle with care, it will shine through your life.

* This instruction is not intended for antique or collectible fine Japanese lacquerware. They should be treated specially since they may have small cracks in the lacquer coatings that permeate through to the core wood.

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