Wajima Kirimoto 輪島キリモト

Katakuchi Sugi Large 片口 杉形 大


Katakuchi (片口) means "pouring lip on one side" . Katakuchi has been used in Japan for many centuries to pour many things in delicate and precise ways. Especially it fits when you pour sake (Japanese rice liquor) from this Katakuchi sake vessel. Since the cup to drink sake (Sakazuki or Gui-nomi) is traditionally small and delicate, so you need a delicate and precise decanter not to spill precious sake. And functionally, this Katakuchi will keep your cold or warm sake colder or warmer than ceramics, metal or glass decanter.

You will be able to enjoy sake in a very stylish and authentic way when you use this Katakuchi. Also you may enjoy this Katakuchi for many other purpose to serve dressings or to pour sauces of various kinds. This Katakuchi from Wajima Lacquerware comes only in one color of red vermilion, very authentic Japanese formal devine color you would see in formal situations. This round shape Katakuchi elegantly shows its traditional Japanese beauty. Please do not use a silverware directly.


Place of Origin Wajima
Color Reddish Vermilion
Size W 160 x D 133 x H 90 (mm)
Weight 120 (g)
Content volume 270 (cc)
Base material Zelkova/Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia

*Note: This item can not be exported to US and EU countries as a food container.

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< Guide >

Our fine Japanese lacquerwares are basically made of genuine natural wood and natural urushi lacquer. The Worst things to the fine lacquerwares are Drying and giving Heat Shocks.

As an urushi lacquer's natural characteristics, it hardens most under humidity of 70-80% (RH) and a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius (68-77°F). Therefore, humidity is good for urushi lacquer, by nature, and for the base wood as well.

Just keeping the fine Japanese lacquerware in a dry cupboard all through a year is not what you want to do. Periodic Use is the Best Care for your fine Japanese lacquerware since the Moisture it gives to both the lacquer and the wood maintains and extends the quality and the life of both.

Japanese natural urushi lacquerware will literary shine more after your use, due to the moisture given, and the repeated use and wiping with a soft cloth. This is proof of the natural urushi lacquer product and authenticity. It does not happen with a chemical product. 

Please be a little careful not to scratch fine lacquerwares with rough ceramics or metals, urushi lacquer coatings are tough but not hard as them. When putting them away, please try to keep your fine Japanese lacquerware from the direct sunlight. Urushi lacquer is vulnerable to UV rays. 


< Care Instructions for Genuine Lacquerware >

  • Please Do NOT use the lacquerware in a microwave oven.
Copyright by Kogei Styling
  • Please Do NOT use the lacquerware in a dishwasher and dryer.

Copyright by Kogei Styling
  • Please Do NOT leave the lacquerware in a refrigerator for a long time. A couple of hours is OK.

Copyright by Kogei Styling
  • Please Do NOT expose the lacquerware in the direct sunlight for a long time.

    • An example indicator for the acceptable duration is that your exposed skin can accept.
      The reason is that the UV rays will degrade the urushi lacquer coating from its structure.

  • Please wash by hand using lukewarm water with a soft sponge using liquid mild detergents. 

  • Please avoid using a scrub sponge or hard sponge that might scratch the surface.

Photo Copyright by Wajimaya Zen-ni
  • Please wipe with a dry soft cloth after rinse.

Photo Copyright by Wajimaya Zen-ni
  • Please do not stack lacquerwares on/under coarse or rough ceramics, it will damage the surface.

Photo Copyright by Wajimaya Zen-ni
  • Please avoid using metal silverware directly on them.

  • In case if there is a crack or a chip, please contact us for a repair. Water or any liquid will permeate through those cracks and in the long run it will damage the coatings and the lacquerware.

If you handle with care, it will shine through your life.

* This instruction is not intended for antique or collectible fine Japanese lacquerware. They should be treated specially since they may have small cracks in the lacquer coatings that permeate through to the core wood.

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