We are giving a gift of a small kitchen cloth for the purchase per order as our appreciation.

The kitchen cloth is called the Fukin*(ふきん)

It is made from the 100% cotton textile made in the Nara prefecture that used to make traditional mosquito nets. The cloth has become a highly popular kitchen wiper with superb characteristics with very good absorption but fast drying speed.


 The Fukin(ふきん) fits perfectly to wipe lacquerwares.

 Because the Fukin is so soft and gentle, once you use it, it is the perfect match with our lacquerware.

fukin gift use

After you gently washed your O-wan bowl or Guinomi sake cup or any lacquerware with a soft sponge, please rinse it in the warm water. And then, wipe your lacquerware softly with the Fukin. Now your lacquerware is ready for another use.     

We will be enclosing one Fukin per order.

* The Fukin is made in Japan by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten (中川政七商店)