The products and items we have are all from one of the best manufacturers and talented artists in the urushi lacquerware industry.

Junichi Hakose (箱瀬淳一)

- Wajima native, internationally acclaimed lacquer artist


Wajimaya Zen-ni (輪島屋善仁)

- The most prestigious Wajima-nuri manufacturer  


Wajima Kirimoto (輪島キリモト)

- Fine Wajima-nuri manufacturer specialized in wood carving  


Chihiro Yamawaki (山脇千尋)

- Young and talented lacquer artist from Kanazawa


Reia Momose(百瀬玲亜)

- Young and talented lacquer artist from Kanazawa


Yamanaka Shikki (山中漆器)

- Excellence in Wood Work  Fuki-urushi finish with fine woodgrains


Hida Shunkei(飛騨春慶)

- The Red Beauty  Superb clear urushi lacquer finish     


Echizen Shikki(越前漆器)

- The Lustrous  Fine urushi lacquer in a modern style 


Please enjoy your visit and see what is there behind the beautiful products we have.