About Wajimaya Zen-ni

Founded in 1813 in Wajima-city, Ishikawa Japan, with more than 200 years of tradition, Wajimaya Zen-ni is one of the most prestigious lacquerware manufacturer in Japan.

Wajimaya Zen-ni's philosophy is to pursues and refine their capability to create lacquerwares that are the best in the history, without deviating any from the traditional methodology of Wajima lacquerware manufacturing.

People of Wajima knows how Wajimaya Zen-ni's efforts and practices has been rigorous and tough in the ever shrinking market and declining industry situation for this twenty years or more, especially where all the traditional skills and workmanships and materials are diminishing. For instance, Wajimaya Zen-ni cultivate urushi lacquer trees themselves in a vast scale to preserve the quality and the supply of the urushi lacquer for their use.  However the road is tough, they are spirited to create lacquerwares that emits beauty, like it did from 200 years ago.

Retired owner Mr. Katsuro Nakamuro is the eighth generation
Nushi-ya (leading lacquerware coordinator) counting from the founder. He has been an avid researcher of Wajima lacquerware, an educator and an advocator of the lacquerware industry with his authored books on Wajima Lacquerware and on Wajima.


He leads the lacquerware industry with his enthusiasm, love and respect to the beauty of the traditional Japanese lacquerwares and to Wajima.  

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