Kogei Styling (kogeistyling.com) is a fine Japanese lacquerware online store with a mission to introduce traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items to overseas customers, and to have those customers become fans of true work of Japanese art crafts, especially Japanese lacquerwares. At the same time, with the help of the customers, Kogei Styling is willing to stimulate and activate Japanese art craft manufacturing front for further succession of the Japanese tradition.

The operating company Japan Kogei Styling Co., Ltd is a Japanese stock corporation in Tokyo.
(Japanese Government Corporate registration# 8013301034492 )
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The founder of the company and the shop owner; Tsuyoshi Kawaguchi has long personal experiences with true respect and love to the traditional Japanese art crafts, and with former 25 years of professional experiences in one of the world largest glass manufacturers in Japan with engineering and business backgrounds. Because of the love and respect that he has to the Japanese tradition and the work of art, he founded the company with a passion and a vision to vitalize Japanese traditional art craft, which may diminish if one just wait for a customer to arrive in the ever shrinking domestic market.

Shop Owner

Tsuyoshi Kawaguchi

Kogei Styling would like to introduce Japanese work of art to those who really appreciate the quality and the beauty of skilled hand works. Kogei Styling is motivated to exceed customer’s expectations, and has strong desires for new creations, thereby collaborating with the designers and the manufactures for unseen beauty in the world of Japanese lacquerware.

With a hope and a desire to contribute to hand on the true tradition to next generations, Kogei Styling will seek for true fans of the Japanese art craft (kogei) items in all over the world. Please also visit our blog at blog-kogeistyling.com