Kogei Styling is an on-line shop dedicated to handle Japanese authentic handmade art craft (kogei) items specialized in lacquerware. Kogei Styling currently carries true Japanese lacquerwares mainly from several areas of Hokuriku area in Japan (central northern part of Japan), where they are famous for rigorous and diligent traditional high quality work. We do not manufacture any items ourselves. However we have our original products that are planned and designed in collaboration with the artists and manufacturers we care and work closely with.

Kogei Styling works directly with the lacquerware manufacture or the artists and do not have any brokers in between, therefore the product quality and the cost are effectively and efficiently controlled so that the value to our customers to be maximum. Kogei Styling also do not have any physical stores in Japan or any place in the world. It is to minimize the total cost of the operation and eventually to maximize the value of each products, and reaching those potential customers all over the world, thanks to the internet technology.

We need to admit that the Japanese lacquerware is a truly niche product to those individuals who have eyes and appreciations for the true work of skilled hands and enjoy its rare beauty. And we believe they are rare personals but quietly resides in all over the world.

Currently we ship our products to selected overseas countries, due to the limitation in total logistics and transactions. We will strive to expand the areas and apologize for the current limitations we have.