What we sell

Even though there are many “Made in Japan” handicrafts sold over the internet, there are only few that are truly traditional Japanese handmade art crafts (kogei) items. Kogei Styling will assure and guarantee you that the items we have is the true traditional quality Japanese handmade art craft items.

Based on the “Act on the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries” by the Japanese government, currently there are 218 items designated by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry as Traditional Japanese Crafts (Dento Kogei-hin). Kogei Styling mainly carries goods from this Traditional Japanese Crafts. They are by definition, basically handcrafted and have more than 100 years of tradition. The exception may apply when in the case that the artists may create their work out from traditional procedures but following the heart of tradition for higher hand creations.

Kogei Styling purchases goods directly from each art craft manufacturer and artists. Those who supply goods are, Traditional Japanese Crafts Manufacturer or artists where they follow rigorous traditional techniques and procedures to realize the true heritage of the Japanese handmade art crafts. The prices of these genuine art craft items are not cheap. It is because, as you may understand, goods are outputs of highly skilled craftsmen’s or artist's dedicated hours of professional work and from genuine local natural materials.

We do our best to maximize the value chain by direct purchase and selling and by minimizing the operational cost. We hope that the art craft items along with the service we provide will satisfy those rare customers who have eyes for the true work of Japanese handmade art crafts.

How we sell

All of our collections comes directly to Kogei Styling from Traditional Japanese Art Crafts Manufacturers or artists without any intermediate brokers.

All the lacquerware are carefully selected to meet Kogei Styling’s highest quality standards and its’ quest for authenticity and beauty. Each items are checked in Tokyo and carefully packaged based on customer’s order for its logistics.

All the lacquerware prices are based on Japanese domestic market value, therefore Japanese customers who want our lacquerware could also purchase in competitive prices.

We take pride in the quality and the price of our lacquerware. We will do our best to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the product, service and the total value that we provide.