Product pricing and fees

The list price of each product is set and fixed in Japanese Yen (“JPY”) exclusive of Japanese consumption tax and any shipping and handling fees or any other fees. The list price represents purely the price of the product in Japan, prices that are very competitive compared to other Japanese domestic vendors for the same quality product.

Shipping and handling fees are charged separately after you enter into payment phase, and it is the only fee that we charge besides the list price. (Consumption tax is charged when purchased within Japan.)

For international purchases all items are Japanese DUTY-FREE, however, please be on notice that you are liable for all customs duties and taxes levied by the destination country. Payment of such duties and taxes may be necessary upon delivery. Charges to your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account made by Kogei Styling are totally exclusive of such duties and taxes. In no circumstance will we charge customs duties or taxes to your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.


Pricing in your local currency guide only

For international purchases, prices are displayed in the currency based on the currency chosen by you. These local currency prices are calculated based on the actual price in JPY using a foreign currency exchange rate service (updated daily), such prices may fluctuate due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Please note that prices displayed in your local currency are to be used as a guide only, the final price of the product charged to you in your local currency is solely dependent on your Credit/Debit Card provider's exchange rates and policies. Please be aware that we have no control over the exact price charged to you in your local currency.


Estimates of Duties and taxes

Import duties and taxes that will be levied by the destination country will differ from country to country. And those duties and taxes rates are based on the product specification that is defined by the international product code-named “HS commodity code”. The products that we carry are all classified as “Tableware or kitchenware of wood” with HS commodity code of 4419.00.X category (X stands for unknown). The exact HS commodity code will differ from country to country. Exact HS commodity codes are as follows; Hong Kong: 4419.00.00, Singapore: 4419.00.00, Taiwan: 4419.00.00908

Products under these categories, duties, and taxes are as following rates;

Hong Kong

0% duty rate with no sales tax and no other taxes.



0% duty rate with 8% sales tax(GST) and no other taxes.

( Singapore GST will increase to 9% from Jan.1, 2024)



5% duty rate (above 3000 TWD (including shipping and insurance fee)) with 5% sales tax with trade promotion fee of 0.04%.

Based on those rates, duties and taxes could be estimated. Base price used to calculate the duties and taxes should be the total price charged by Kogei Styling (which includes international shipping and handling fees). However, please be on notice that other charges may occur based on any requirements from the local authority, and we do not guarantee that any actual duties and fees charged will match the estimation.